Hello! Word Chicken is a creative agency specialising in copywriting, promotions and project management.


Who we are

Portia is the founder of Word Chicken. 
She has worked in the arts and cultural sector for many years, specialising in communications, copywriting, project management and community arts development. She has a passion for sharing professional development in the creative industries and working with talented creatives in the expanding regional arts scene. 

George is a chicken.
She is sunshine and rainbows in one fluffy feather package, and since that is the kind of thing she is regularly told, she also has a lot more attitude than one might reasonably expect in a chicken.

Portia and George both live in Mudgee, NSW.  


“Portia gets things done. She combines a flair for programming with the sharp eye of an editor and the strong arm of an administrator: a rare combination. You can rely on her to deliver whether for an event, a publication, a funding application, or a completely new venture.”

Julia Tsalis | writing NSW


What we do

Word Chicken offers a variety of professional services to individuals, businesses and government agencies: editorial and proofreading, copywriting and content development, communications and marketing, project management, and creative business support. 

We are passionate about supporting and sharing the work of regional businesses and creatives, and working with writers, artists and creative communities to develop new projects and audiences. 


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